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Copywriting and translation

Copywriting - SEO (English, Dutch and French)

Translation (French-Dutch, Dutch-French, English-Dutch and English-French)

Revision (Dutch and French)

Content creation - social media (Dutch-French-English)

Communication skills

This program will teach you how to be more confident and efficient in communication. 

We help you find your inner voice in order to tell your story as clearly as possible.  Who you are and what you stand for will show in your writing and talking.  You will learn to speek your mind and share your message in a natural way.  

We develop a program that matches your needs and wishes.  

Coaching is possible in Dutch or French.



- insight in speaking and writing 

- confidence and self-empowerment 

- the right tone for every situation

- public speech 

- conversational skills (meetings, conversations,...)

- negotiating skills and active listening 

- structured and inspired writing

Language skills

This program will drastically improve your knowledge of French or Dutch. We focus on efficiency, help you to avoid the pitfall of making frequent mistakes and guide you in speaking like a native.  

We can focus on speaking or writing, or combine both.  

Exercises are custom made and always based on the learners interests.  This way learning is both stimulating and fun.  


We discuss your goals and develop a program that matches your needs. 

We also offer online French lessons on Creafrench.